Playstation Home v1.00 details: Home moves house, Clubs feature added

PlayStation Home - Image 1Okay, so what’s in store for all those lucky folks who got invites to Sony‘s PlayStation Home v1.0 beta? Quite a lot, so it seems. So start jumping to the full article to get the full lowdown on v1.0 of the PS Home beta. Gotta check out those Clubs now.

Okay, so what’s in store for all those lucky folks who got invites to the PlayStation Home v1.0 beta? Quite a lot, so it seems. For one, this version moves Home to its new official home to the PlayStation Network area, leaving behind its humble cubicle in the Game section of the XMB.

Apart from that, a lot of other tweaks have been made, making it look more polished and an actual star on its own. The virtual PSP has been replaced with a new Menu Pad, as well as the addition of Online Manual in the Help menu and Tutorial. Great, now it’s gonna be so much easier to know the ins and outs of Home.

PlayStation Home Menu Pad - Image 1 

Also, a couple features have been renamed so you might want to familiarize yourself with the following so you won’t get lost looking for a feature that’s already under a different name. My Home Space is now dubbed as Personal Space, and the Market Place gets a total upgrade as the Shopping Mall. Fancy, eh?

Another thing that’s sure to pique the interest of eager fans is the newly-added Club features. Yep, this is where the party’s at. As defined in their official beta testing website, a club “is an organization for users that share the same objectives. If you’re part of the Closed Beta test, well and good for you, you get to try it out for free. However, once Home rolls out, you’re gonna have to roll out some cash too.

There’s a ceiling for how many clubs you can join, as well as how many members each club can have. Here are the rules:

  • The maximum number of members for each club is 32, including the creator.
  • The maximum number of clubs each user can join is 5, including the one created by that user.
  • If you have joined 5 clubs already, then you cannot create your own club.

But other than the Club, there’s also the Clubhouse. Take it as the more “exclusive” version of the Club. Seems though that the ceiling cap on members are the same, but of course, you gotta be a member. You can even design and add furnitures to your own Clubhouse! Oh, and there’s a leader (owner of the clubhouse) or subleaders (assigned by the leader) in it, who are the only ones allowed to post messages on the board.

PlayStation Home beta Clubhouse - Image 1 

There’s still a whole lot of nitty-gritties to be had, but basically these are the juiciest ones of them all. For even more information on the Clubs, Clubhouses and other new features, head over to the source link below.

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Via PlayStation Home Closed Beta Test Official Website

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