PlayStation Network to get Sony Online Entertainment titles

Sony Online Entertainment logo - Image 1Now that Sony Online Entertainment has started establishing itself in the realm of PC MMORPGs, there’s one other arena for them to rule over: PS3’s PlayStation Network. Check out the full article for details.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Sony Online Entertainment - Image 1With quite a busy year ahead of them, it looks like Sony Online Entertainment is starting to take over the PlayStation Network inch by small inch this year.

Why? Because aside from the obligatory PC releases of their new online games such as Free Realms and Pirates of the Burning Sea (among other titles), SOE will also launch several online titles on the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Network.

Here’s an excerpt from SOE’s itinerary: SOE will make game tie-ins of gaming shows, and make them available in PlayStation Home. Included in the line up are some of their MMORPGs such as Free Realms, The Agency, as well as the online game based on the DC Comics franchise. It’s just a small part of their plan for world PSN domination, but you can be sure that you’ll see more of them as the months progress.

Thanks to Apu for the tip!

Via WRAL Local Tech Wire

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