PlayTV a bit pricey for a Freeview box; allows for PSP DRM-free copying

PlayTV - Image 1PlayTV‘s out to get its verdict from the reviewers. So far, it’s looking swell. But none is so swell as finding out that PlayTV’s gone back to having DRM-free copying features on your beloved PSP.

PlayTV - Image 1Sony‘s sent out PlayTV to be judged by reviewers. This particular peripheral intends to “future-proof” the PlayStation 3, essentially by allowing you to play – even pause – live TV through your console.

CVG’s verdict? It’s a cool recording package with its intuitive menus and easy features. But £ 70 (US$ 125 approximately) might just prove to be too much to pay a price for a Freeview box that already comes with most HDTVs.

But amidst all those pros and cons, what got our attention most was the fact that Sony did stick after all with their plan of letting PSP owners have the ability to copy DRM-free versions of your recorded programs to your handheld. Not just to the PSP, in fact, but also to any other compatible MPEG-4 device.

Apart from that, you can also access PlayTV via PSP through Remote Play, thereby allowing you to watch live TV or stored videos in it. Cool, huh? Now you don’t have to worry about missing an episode of your favorite show, even when on the go.

The full review of CVG on TVPlay is available via the source link below, so we’re sure you’d want to check that out.

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