Pocket Physics v0.6: fast simulation enabled

Pocket Physics v0.6 - Image 1Friends of Newton, unite! 0xtob has released a new version of Pocket Physics, bumping it up to version 0.6. This new version has some optimizations you might find interesting, so check out the full article for more info.

Download: Pocket Physics v0.6

Pocket Physics v0.6 - Image 1 

Heads up, Friends of Newtonian Physics! 0xtob has released a new version of Pocket Physics, bringing it up to version 0.6. As you can probably guess, Pocket Physics v0.6 has some nifty new optimizations under its belt, which you can read about below:

  • Massive speed optimizations!
  • Fixed the “explosion” bug
  • As a side effect of this fix, results are now 100% reproducible
  • Moved to Box2D 2.0 (Box2D now has official DS support!)
  • Deleting sketches in the loading dialog
  • Objects that fall out of the world are no longer simulated
  • .PP files now have a single root element => XML compliance
  • An author tag is added to the .PP files
  • Pins now snap to the center of gravity of shapes
  • There’s a separate version that doesn not save screenshots for people with saving problems with the SuperCard Lite

As always, we suggest you check out the readme for more information on this application. That being said, go download it and play around with physics on your DS. It’s fun!

Download: Pocket Physics v0.6

Via TobW.net

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