Polyphony Digital already working on Gran Turismo Mobile, says Yamauchi

Gran Turismo  - Image 1Now that we have some hints on when the upcoming PSP’s Gran Turismo Mobile will come out, which is after Gran Turismo 5s release, we are left wondering about what we can expect from the game. Gran Turismo franchise creator Kazunori Yamauchi gives a small hint, and you can check it out in the full article!

Gran Turismo - Image 1In a quite interesting interview with MeriStation, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealed a nice tidbit that may interest gamers. When asked about when Polyphony Digital will start with Gran Turismo Mobile, the upcoming handheld sequel to the ultra-realistic racing series, Yamauchi mentioned that they are already working on it. He also added that Gran Turismo Mobile will come out after Gran Turismo 5s release.

Yamauchi added that Gran Turismo Mobile will be a complementary game, but did not provide any other details that may hint on what to expect from the bite-sized Gran Turismo title.

Yamauchi also added other interesting trivia about Gran Turismo 5, such as the matter of car damage within the game. As it turns out, some car manufacturers were not all too pleased with the idea of seeing damage on their beloved cars. That being the case, gamers may notice that some cars cannot be damaged regardless of whatever abuse they receive, as opposed to other vehicles.

There are other bits and pieces in the interview that may be to your interest, so better hit the Via link to read the entire transcript. However, if you’re not well-versed in Spanish, you many need the help of a weblator to clue you in on what is being talked about. Enjoy!

Via MeriStation

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