Pre-production pics of Pelican’s MGS4 Bluetooth headset

MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 1You guys remember the MGS4 Bluetooth headset we reported about a month ago? A bunch of pre-production images of the product have finally been released, so those still on the fence about buying the headset will probably finally be able to make up their minds. See the images at the full article.

Gamers and retailers have not been the only ones scrambling for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Gaming accessory makers have also been eager to get a slice of the MGS4 pie.

A month ago, we posted a leaked sales sheet for a new Bluetooth headset that’s set to be released as a tie-in for the game. Accessory maker Pelican has apparently been working with Konami for quite a bit on the new headset, and now we’re finally able to see actual shots of the product.

Nothing’s really changed from the pics included in the sales sheet, but these new pre-production images do show off more of the MGS4 Bluetooth headset. Note that these are pre-production images, so if you spot anything wrong with the finish, those would most likely be fixed on the final product.

The headset will launch June 12 for US$ 59.99. It’s costly, but it sure does look sweet. Check out the images below.

Pelican MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 1 Pelican MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 2 Pelican MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 3Pelican MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 4 Pelican MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 5 Pelican MGS4 Bluetooth headset - Image 6

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