PReSS v0.31: now with add your own feeds feature

PSP - Image 1The Underminer certainly can’t sit still with his project, PReSS, and has now in fact upped the ante to version 0.31. Changes in button configuration, unlocked unlimited sized mp3s for playback, and the addition of the most requested feature are discussed further in the full article.

Download: PReSS v0.31

PReSS v0.3 by The Underminer - Image 1The Underminer is back and he brings along with him the latest version of his homebrew PReSS, bumping it up to v0.31.

For this installation, he’s added some more tweaks to the project, changing the button configuration and adding the most requested feature that is the capability to add your own feeds. Hooray for those who have been clamoring for this!

He explains that this addition basically works like suggesting feeds for public catalogue, except that your feeds will be appearing in the ‘Personal’ category of the selected language.

As for the known bugs, he lists them down as the following:

  • Unsupported characters
    •       Some characters can not be displayed properly, and instead are rendered like a box.
  • Dropped spaces
    •       For some feeds; the spaces around links (wich are converted to plain text) are lost
  • When a corrupted image is loaded; the PSP freezes.
    •     Your PSP is NOT bricked, you can hold up the power switch for 10 seconds to shut down the PSP, and then flick it up to reboot to the XMB

And for the changelog:

  • Unlocked unlimited sized mp3’s for playback
  • fixed scroll-bar in catalogue
  • fixed updating feature
  • some minor things

Anyhow, do enjoy this new version of PReSS, and please do not forget to check out the readme for proper guidance.

Download: PReSS v0.31

Via Press-PSP

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