Project Aces to bring Sky Crawlers to Wii

Project Aces to bring Sky Crawlers to Wii- Image 1Soon some of us might need to drop those Saitek X52s for delectable, motion-sensitive flying experiences on the Nintendo Wii. The latest issue of Famitsu hints on a new flight action game that’s coming from Namco Bandai called Sky Crawlers. The name is no mistake, ladies and gentlemen – it is related to that movie and that novel series. Interestingly enough, it’s also developed by the team behind Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Get more at the full story.

Poject Aces to bring Sky Crawlers to Wii  - Image 1

As the magazine scan above shows, Namco Bandai has a new flight action game for core gamers on the Nintendo Wii. Sky Crawlers, similarly titled to the Warner Bros. Japan animated movie and the novel series the game’s based off from, is under development by Project Aces – the same guys who brought Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation to the Xbox 360.

The Sky Crawlers’ novel plot places the audience within an era fraught with airborne conflict, where a group of young pilots fight to survive in a circa-World War II setting alternately branched from world history. But the game adaptation of the movie – both will be simultaneously released, Famitsu says – will come with its own storyline and stray away from the movie’s specific drama plot.

Sky Crawlers is also being made for the PS2, and those shots that you see in the scan above are those taken from the version slated for the second Sony PlayStation console. But there are high hopes that the Wii’s version will just be as pretty.

What’s even better is that Sky Crawlers for the Nintendo Wii will feature a flight control system tied to the Wii remote and nunchuk. The developers claim that the nunchuk will serve as the flight yoke, while the Wiimote turns into your throttle control.

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