Project Sheratan v0.005 – Card Battle Engine for RPG Games on DS

DS - Image 1There's a new DS bew developer in the block, and his project is actually worth a look. Called Project Sheratan (in v0.005), it's actually a Card Battle engine for RPG games on Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS - Image 1Aerthel began a project called Project Sheratan some years ago, but it wasn't until now that he released the Flash game.

Project Sheratan is directed at creating a Card Battle engine for RPG games on Nintendo DS. It's actually similar to Baten Kaitos series' card system. Basically there are cards that will control your movements and actions, and if you play it in a particular order, you'll be able to use flashing and devastating attack combos.

Here's what this first release has so far:
  • 'Typewriting' text over background
  • Managed MOD music (using MikMod)
  • Hand & Deck classes manage logical data about cards
  • handAnimator class performs animations (there is only one right now, the discard animation)

Download: Project Sheratan v0.005

Via PAlib forums

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