Project4 development likely to be cancelled

PSP - Image 1Bad news brewing in the homebrew scene of the Sony PlayStation Portable: it seems that the nightmare of every coder out there has happened to PSP homebrew developer Auraomega, and it looks like it means the end of Project4. There’s still hope, of course, but things are looking quite dire. Check out all the details in the full article.

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For those of us eagerly anticipating the release of Auraomega‘s homebrew XMB replacement for the Sony PlayStation Portable, Project4, then here’s some bad news: it seems that the development of this very nifty piece of homebrew code has ground to a halt, and from the looks of things, it’s not going to continue anytime soon. Ouch.

So why has development stopped? Here’s a quote direct from Auraomega himself:

Project4 is likely to stop development now as earlier today the source codes were lost. While developing at college, my memory card went missing, this memory card had the only Project4 source codes on it, and quite obviously its taken 6 months to reach this stage in development, I can’t really constitute another 2 months to just get back to this level.

There you have it. With the memory card missing (and still lost, after Auraomega himself made another sweep of his college to try and retrieve it), the chances of the homebrew scene getting access to the Project4 Open Beta 3 version is slim.

But there’s still a chance, however. Auraomega says that he has a Closed Beta 3 version of Project4 uploaded, but the normal user is locked out from it. He’s not promising anything, but if the code still doesn’t turn up, he’ll have to remove the lock via a HEX editor or a disassembler. Good luck to him on that.

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