Protect-Me V. Final revision 0.9f

PSP - Image 1Want more security in your Sony PlayStation Portable? Then homebrew developer maxthebest‘s Protect-Me is the app for you, and in this version we get wind of an overall improvement in the code, as well as a few bugfixes here and there. Definitely a must-have for the security-conscious, all the details about Protect-Me is a mere click away into the full article. So hop to it and see what it means to you.

Download: Protect-Me V.Final revision 0.9f
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 PSP - Image 1 

For those of us who want just a bit more security for our Sony PlayStation Portables, there’s no better application to have than homebrew developer maxthebest‘s Protect-Me, now in its final revision version. Let’s see what’s changed from this homebrew app that gives your Sony PlayStation Portable that added layer of protection that should prove invaluable during times of crisis.

So, what’s new with this version? Here’s the changelog:

  • Recoded a good part of the code which was messy and had useless parts.
  • Added numbers to the [characters] you can input through the keyboard
  • Changed the keyboard, now selected letter is not the capital letter, but the blue letter
  • Now you can’t see your password while writing it, but only the letter selected
  • Corrected few bugs and mistakes.

Well, that’s certainly good – a general tightening-up of the code, a covert way of displaying your password, and some bug and mistake elimination. Definitely a very welcome release from maxthebest. Updates as we get them, and make sure to read the readme file first before doing anything with this homebrew.

Download: Protect-Me V.Final revision 0.9f
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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