PS3 Homebrew – UneUne v0.0.1

UneUne v0.0.1 - Image 1Snake comes to the PS3, and it’s thanks to bu-nyan‘s project on the BD-J. It’s in the form of PS3 homebrew game UneUne v0.0.1.

Download: UneUne v0.0.1

UneUne v0.0.1 - Image 1bu-nyan sure is a busy body, isn’t he? This week alone, he’s released a number of homebrews for the BD-J on the PS3, and he’s got another one today. This time, it’s UneUne v0.0.1.

The game’s simple. As you can see from the image inset, it’s a snake-like game. Unfortunately, the attempted translation of the Readme was a disaster so that’s all we could tell you about this game.

We can only assume it does apply the same rules as the original Snake games do: lead the snake to pick up the food that appears randomly on the screen and avoid hitting your own body.

You’re free to try, though. If you get any luck, please do share with us. Source link is below.

Download: UneUne v0.0.1

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