PS3 Lost Planet gets Luka as exclusive playable character

Lost Planet Luka Capcom - Image 1Aside from getting all extra Xbox 360 content as well as the bonus playable characters for the PC version of Lost Planet (Xbox 360, PC, PS3), the PS3 version will get an exclusive playable character, Luka. More details in the full article.

Lost Planet Capcom Luka - Image 1Like they always say, good things come to those who wait. In the case of Lost Planet (Xbox 360, PC, PS3), eager PS3 gamers will be treated to an exclusive playable character in the form of Luka, a member of the gang who saves Wayne at the start of the game.

Luka’s inclusion of playable characters is a fitting icing on Capcom‘s PS3 Lost Planet cake, which will include all extra content available for the Xbox 360 version as well as Frank West, Joe, and Mega Man, the bonus characters from Lost Planet for the PC.

In addition to a hefty price cut, Lost Planet for the PS3 now certainly looks like a good offer at this point.

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