PS3 SingStar downloadable tracks now priced in Europe

SIngStar - Image 1It’s just a few weeks away before SingStar, Sony‘s much-awaited karaoke game, gets released in the UK on December 7. But those who are worried that they’ll soon run out of songs to sing along to (as if 30 isn’t enough), don’t fret: there will be 44 songs available on SingStore, SingStar‘s online music store for the PS3 version, and it will be frequently update with new tunes. Read on for more the pricing details!

SingStar - Image 1PS3 SingStar fans in Europe, take heed: the extra downloadable tunes available through PlayStation 3’s SingStore are now priced, with each track bearing a price tag of only GBP .99 (1.49 Euros, or US$ 2). Available tracks in SingStore Europe include tunes by Manic Street Preachers, Zutons, and Depeche Mode.

There will be 44 additional songs available for purchase and download from SingStore all in all, aside from the 30 tracks included in the game Blu-ray disc. However, the music content will be updated regularly with new tracks, and PS3 SingStar fans can expect new songs to be added on December 17, ten days after SingStar‘s release in the UK.

Via Eurogamer

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