PSM reveals seven Killzone 2 secrets

Killzone 2 - Image 1The next issue of PlayStation Magazine (PSM) is coming to drop the bomb loaded with details of Guerrilla GamesKillzone 2. To be exact, there are seven secrets or factoids that any self-respecting fan keeping tabs on the video game should know about. Learn more by heading over to the full article.

Killzone 2 by Guerilla Games - Image 1

You might want to grab a copy of PlayStation Magazine‘s (PSM) upcoming December 2007 issue, because some juicy details about Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 2 by Guerrilla Games will be revealed. To boot, seven secrets that should be unveiled when the next PSM gets released have surfaced.

According to Play3-Live, developers will be working on downloadable content after Killzone 2 hits shelves. Environments will be destructible, so expect walls to crumble and vehicles to break down. The “Hit Response System” will also be included in the game and promises realistic hit recognition.

Killzone 2‘s cover system is said to surpass its predecessor. Enemies will have scripted movements, but they will react accordingly depending on your actions and position. Audio output is set to full Dolby Digital 7.1. On the graphics side, a software will process the game frame by frame to make them look more real.

We’re still stuck with a wild 2008 release window for Killzone 2. While waiting, you might as well grab the latest issue of PSM which will have these seven factoids.

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