PSM3: Syphon Filter for the PS3, Resistance 2 confirmed?

Syphon Filter - Image 1The latest issue of PS3 gaming magazine PS3M recently revealed some juicy info that’s going to appeal to PS3 gamers: the magazine has “confirmed” the existence of the Resistance: Fall of Man sequel, as well as mentioned the next-gen debut of Sony Bend’s Syphon Filter franchise. More details in the full article!

Thanks to NarooN for the tip!

Resistance Fall of Man - Image 1Could this be true? There were already recent reports about a new Resistance: Fall of Man title already in development (in pre-Alpha stage, no less), and magazine PSM3 now “confirmed” the existence of the Resistance sequel. Rumors also mentioned that Insomniac Games intends to release the game in the later part of next year.

Another juicy tidbit that was mentioned in the latest issue of PSM3 is the next-gen debut of Sony Bend’s Syphon Filter, with it’s release date pinned somewhere in 2009 for the PlayStation 3.

However, a tipster who happened to be in contact with one of the developers from Sony Bend said that reports of a PS3 Syphon Filter is simply not true. Of course, since it’s a gaming industry trend to deny things and then confirm them later on, we still can’t say for sure whether or not there will be indeed be a Syphon Filter for the PS3. More updates as we get them!

Thanks to NarooN for the tip!

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