PSN Japan new releases: I.Q. Final, Arc the Lad III for USD 5 apiece

I.Q Final and Arc the Lad III released for PSN Japan - Image 1Even if time continues on running, there are game titles that are considered timeless such as addicting puzzle game Intelligent Qube Final and the tactical RPG Arc the Lad III.

These two were just released recently for the PlayStation Network in Japan for a really low price. Both games are an addition to the growing number of games being ported over. More details on the two games after the jump!

I.Q. Final and Arc the Lad III released for PSN Japan - Image 1 

Some games can’t simply be forgotten. As a matter of fact, Sony has just release Intelligent Qube Final and Arc the Lad III, both by SCEI, for Japan‘s PlayStation Network. By porting over previous titles to the PSN, players can relive their gaming experience via their PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable. Each title is priced at US$ 5.

Here’s a short background info for Intelligent Qube Final. It’s a puzzle game wherein you control a character that must capture approaching cubes by trapping them. In order to do this, you must run around and mark a spot on the platform. Once the cubes roll on top of them, you capture the cubes by deactivating the marked spot.

The tactical RPG Arc the Lad III, on the other hand, is the third and final leg for the Arc series. The game basically lets you take on quests from guilds for the game to move on. As the story develops, the characters Alec and Lutz meet new company to face a corrupted organization called the Academy. 

With the introduction of these titles to the PlayStation Network, you can surely visit the timeless games and experience the wonder. We’ll be providing you with more updates as they come.

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