PSN Japan reveals Christmas LocoRoco surprise coming soon

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's LocoRoco - Image 1Christmas is coming early for the hordes of LocoRoco fans. A visit to the said game’s page on the official PlayStation Japan website brings a popup showing an eerily familiar character.

What could it all mean? Cross your fingers, it just might be another LocoRoco Christmas demo.

LocoRoco Christmas has come early for those LocoRoco fans as news of the probability of a new Christmas demo has reached our internet gerbils. If you recall last year, our PlayStation Portables got some Christmas loving with a LocoRoco Christmas demo. What does Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Japan have up its sleeve for us this year?

A visit to the LocoRoco page at SCEJ‘s website brings up a popup showing a Santa Claus type of LocoRoco (complete with the Christmas hat). And from what we can decipher from the said popup, something is on its way on December 13, and it will be available via the PlayStation Store – or at least that’s what we can make out. Could it be another Christmas treat? Let’s cross our fingers.

Here’s to hoping the LocoRoco wearing the Saint Nick suit decides to pay these shores a visit too. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one so stay tuned.

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