PSP Atari Classics Evolved spotlight: Asteroids Deluxe, Millipede videos

The Atari logo - Image 1If retro gaming is your thing, then perhaps the Atari Classics Evolved compilation may prove more than sufficient to satisfy your appetite for games of old. This time around, Atari shines the spotlight on Asteroids Deluxe and Millipede with some gameplay videos for you to view.

Watch the Atari Classics Evolved videos after the jump!

While some players tend to go for the latest and hottest games on the block, others prefer to go retro. Since Atari is breathing new life into its classic 2600 games by releasing them on the PSP as part of the Atari Classics Evolved compilation, what better way to go than with Asteroids Deluxe and Millipede?

Both Asteroids Deluxe and Millipede are sequels to the Atari arcade hits Asteroids and Centipede, respectively. Both Asteroids Deluxe and Millipede feature more souped up gameplay than their predecessors in the form of new enemies, new enemy AI and even new tricks available to players.

For a closer look at the revamped gameplay in Atari’s Asteroids Deluxe and Millipede, feast your eyes on the video below:

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