PSP Echochrome costs twice as the PS3 version

Echochrome SCEJ - Image 1We’re certainly intrigued with SCEJ‘s Echochrome for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. But aside from the PSP version’s Japanese release date, which is on March 19, we don’t know many details about this strange puzzle gem. But here’s something interesting that you may want to know: the fact that the PSP version costs twice as much as the PS3 version of Echochrome. Do hit the full article to read more about it.

Echochrome SCEJ - Image 1Fans of quirky puzzle games have something strange to chew on. The PSP version of Echochrome by SCEJ costs twice, compared to the PlayStation 3 version of the game. As it turns out, the game UMD costs JPY 3,980 (about US$ 37), while Echochrome for Sony‘s next-gen console is only JPY 1,800 (or US$ 17). Of course, there’s a reason for the price difference other than the fact that one is stored in a UMD, while the other is downloadable content.

Thing is, the PSP version contains 100 puzzles, as well as many different modes of gameplay (one of the more notable game modes require the gamers to avoid walking dark echoes). On the other hand, the PS3 version – named Echochrome: Jokyoku or Echochrome: Prologue – is just a sample of the full game, with only 50 puzzles.

Both versions do have the canvas mode, however, which basically lets gamers come up with their own user-created puzzles.

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