PSP Filer 5.1+: Bugfixes for USB feature and binary editor

PSP Filer 5.1+: Bugs fixes for USB feature and binary editor - Image 1Having trouble working the news functions that were added in PSP Filer’s version 5.1? Don’t worry – developer Mediumgauge has also caught wind of these issues, and has already released a new build to address them. More details are available in the full article.

Download: PSP Filer v5.1+

PSP Filer 5.1 (plus) - bugs fixes for USB feature and binary editor - Image 1As the readers will recall, developer Mediumgauge had recently release PSP Filer version 5.1 for the community’s use. This new build carried an in-homebrew USB connection feature as well as a binary editor.

They’re good features, but it appears that the app’s users have been experiencing some problems, which brings us to today’s update. Mediumgauge has announced the release of the homebrew’s version 5.1 plus, which should fix two major bugs in the previous build (quoting the changelog):

  • general:
    • fixed a bug that the kernel3 Filer could not run under some kind of CFW version (that caused in 5.1 only). Instead, in those CFW, 5.1+ of kenel3 Filer cannot run USB feature.
  • binary editor:
    • fixed a bug that Filer crashed when it opens 0 byte file.

Further details on using PSP Filer version 5.1 plus are available in the file bundle’s readme. Those interested in further information may want to visit Mediumgauge’s site via the source link below.

Download: PSP Filer v5.1+

Via Mediumgauge

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