PSP Homebrew – Anno 1604 2D

Anno 1604 2D - Image 1Fans of PSP homebrew game developer fableboss1 will sure be glad to know that he’s rolled out yet another fun game to add to his growing list of creations. Anno 1604 2D is what this one’s called, and it’s looking very SimCity-ish, in terms of objective, that is.

Download: Anno 1604 2D

Anno 1604 2D - Image 1 Anno 1604 2D - Image 2 

fableboss1 adds another homebrew game to his resume. The translation is a bit sketchy (as usual), but it appears like Anno 1604 2D is a simulator type of game.

For one, if you look at the screenshots, it does look like you’ll be developing your own island. Basic SimCity if you will. Anyway, here are the features for this release.

  • save-way
  • create houses
  • create walked in, manufacture of tissue (sheep), cattle (cows), forestry.
  • eraser

Surrender of the island has zero

  • save trees
  • save flowers
  • create boats
  • ability to change island
  • watching position from the sky

Download: Anno 1604 2D

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