PSP Homebrew – Psp_Time_Controller 0.1

PSP logo - Image 1There are nine new “parameters” to time or turn off your PSP with BigProMan‘s Psp_Time_Controller 0.1 application. We’ve got the details for this new release at the full article so do drop by and check it out.

Download: Psp_Time_Controller 0.1

Sony PSP colors - Image 1BigProMan was nice enough to heed a request of a n XtreamLua forums member, RLR, and thus proceeded to created a plugin based on the timer arrest that was deferred by Sony.

He says, though, that his application, Psp_Time_Controller 0.1 is “more efficient and works anywhere in the XMB (both listening to music, that ‘watching’ a movie), and even in games (mainly for PSPTube).”

There are nine parameters (so says Google Translate, but we’re thinking they’re “choices”) in terms of timing or turning off you PSP:

  • Disabled (timer off)
  • 30 Minutes – 30 Minutes
  • 40 Minutes – 40 Minutes
  • 50 Minutes – 50 Minutes
  • 1 Hour
  • 1 hour and a quarter
  • 1 hour and a half
  • 1 Hour Forty Five
  • 2 Hours

As for the operation, just press the Select button to change the timer, and its status will then be displayed at upper left corner of the screen. To install, just unzip the archive at the root of your memory card. Don’t forget to “activate the prx in VSH, GAME, GAME150 depending on your choice”.

And as always, be sure to take good note of the readme to avoid any unfortunate mishaps when installing homebrew apps on your PSP.

Download: Psp_Time_Controller 0.1

Via XtreamLua Forums

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