PSP Homebrew – RemoteJoyLite 0.17b1

Sony PSP - Image 1Akind‘s got another update to TyRaNiD‘s RemoteJoyLite, and it’s now up to version 0.17b1. We’ve got the full details after the jump. Oh, please bear with the Engrish.

Download: RemoteJoyLite 0.17b1

RemoteJoyLite 0.17b1 - Image 1Akind‘s PSP homebrew application RemoteJoyLite sure had a pretty hectic month last September with three successive releases. Looks like the streak isn’t over yet, though, as we get another release, this time as v0.17b1.

Simply put, what this app allows you to do is to hook up your handheld to the PC and output video onto your monitor. We’ve got the changelog and file description here, so check it out.

  • RemoteJoy in their normal environment, the source did not compile it to the investigate the cause was, but I feel in a large variety of modifications made to fix it, so secretly waste was released.
  • RemoteJoy a big difference and to remove usbhostfs GOSSORI features simple and functional, PSP side of the module is integrated into one module is to be clearer.
  • Check the operation PSP-1000/PSP-2000 (CFW 4.01 M33-2) in SHIKASHITEMASEN.


  • ALT + ENTER: full-screen / window mode change
  • ESC: set mode.
  • F1: FPS, color display mode.
  • F3: screen transfer ON / OFF switch
  • F4: window display ON / OFF
  • F11: screen capture
  • F12: video capture

Known problem

  • Some of the volume keys to set up a special key does not work.
  • Games returned to the XMB strange at the time of treatment may cause falling.

Download: RemoteJoyLite 0.17b1

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