PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 Hires

PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 - Image 1The PSP’s getting some extra arcade emulator loving, as developer TTYman releases PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 Hires. The latest build of this Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) for our favorite handheld carries a version specifically designed for the PSP Slim.

Also to look out for is a new update which gives PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 Hires better compatibility with roms of our favorite arcade classics. Visit the full article for the comprehensive changelog.

Download: PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 Hires

PSP MAME4ALL 4.9r1 Hires - Image 1Developer TTYman‘s letting the word out that he’s releasing a new build of his Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) homebrew, dubbed PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 Hires. At the forefront of this new build is an EBOOT built specifically for the PSP Slim – it should be available (and clearly marked) in the file bundle alongside the standard (PSP Fat) version.

Moving on, here are the rest of the noted changes since MAME4ALL v4.7r3 Hires:

  • Crash when sampled used.
  • Unified builds, thanks to new Z80 core, Mame 0.53 based, compatible with system16, neogeo and classic roms.
  • Implemented PSP-2000 (slim) specific support, so double memory available to load roms, thanks to keiich-san code.

Installation and full changelog details should be available in the file’s readme. Guys interested in posting their feedback regarding PSP MAME4ALL will also want to visit TTYman’s release site. Enjoy the download.

Download:PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r1 Hires

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