PSP Pileup v0.2 – Stacker on your PSP

PSP Pileup v0.2 by Sangheili - Image 1 Do you enjoy Stacker, the coin-op arcade game? Well, you will be able to practice with PSP homebrew developer Sangheili‘s entry to Homebrew Idol, called PSP Pileup. It’s currently on version 0.2 and you can check out the rest of the info in the full article.

Download: PSP Pileup v0.2

PSP Pileup v0.2 by Sangheili - Image 1If you’ve ever been to an arcade, you’ve probably seen a Stacker machine. It’s a pretty simple coin-op arcade game where players need to stack blocks to win prizes. It’s harder than one would think and so practice is imperative if you want to get a major prize. Enter PSP homebrew developer Sangheili‘s new release: PSP Pileup.

PSP Pileup is Sangheili’s entry to the Homebrew Idol competition (other entries include Resonate and Xadrez) and well, it looks pretty promising. In case you’ve never played Stacker, here’s a bit of a primer. Stacker has a grid and a set of blocks will go from left to right until you press stop. The blocks will appear for every row one at a time and you’ll have to stop all the block sets on top of the one below it. Here’s the changelog:

0.02- bugs fixed

  • being able to cheat, not telling how though!
  • not being able to play the game twice in a row, that gets really annoying

0.01 features – initial release

  • some nice menus and gameplay
  • has unlimited levels so you can beat those annoying arcade machines that this is based on
  • editable .png files so you can create your own graphics for it
  • three difficulty levels
  • source code included for those other devs that want to fix a bug they find intensely annoying and cant wait for me to fix it
  • an easter egg for those people to find, it involves my ‘almost twin’ cousin over in malaysia

In PSP Pileup, you’ll have to play with the Sony PSP vertically (with the Power button near you). Anyway, check out the game by downloading it below.

Download: PSP Pileup v0.2

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