PSP Slim Firmware 3.60 Installer v2 *Update*

PSP Firmware 3.60 Installer - Image 1FreePlay has come out with an interesting installer for expert PSP users who, for one reason or another, want to revert their PSPs to Firmware 3.60. It’s called the PSP Slim Firmware 3.60 Installer and with a bit of setting up, it allows users to revert their PSP firmware down to 3.60.

Like we said though, it’s not newbie-friendly. FreePlay intentionally made it so due to the risks involved in flashing an entire firmware. Feel free to head to full article if you want to learn more.

Thanks to Seanpaul223 for the tip!

FreePlay has come up with an installer that experienced PSP users might want to try. It’s called the PSP Slim Firmware 3.60 Installer, and as the name states, it’ll revert your PSP Slim’s firmware to 3.60. That is, of course, if you understand how to use it.

You see, FreePlay made this app specifically for PSP experts who know the ins and outs of the system. The setup required to perform the 3.60 installation isn’t easy, and FreePlay purposely made the readme hard for newbies because the firmware installation requires you to flash an entire firmware to get the job done.

If you’re still with us though, and you want to install firmware 3.60 on your PSP Slim for whatever reason, then feel free to download the application and try it out. The extensive readme, which you should definitely consult, is included in the download, and we also have a video of the installation process in action below. Good luck!

Thanks to Seanpaul223 for the tip!

Article originally posted Jan 13, 2008 at 12:32AM

*UPDATE* FreePlay has released a new version of the PSP Slim firmware 3.60 installer that includes fixed instructions as well as an updated program. Here’s an explanation straight from FreePlay:

The previous instructions were a bit off. They didn’t take into account that the IPL taken straight from a NAND dump would contain 16 spare bytes after every 512 bytes, so I wrote a program that strips those bytes out. The fixed instructions and the program are attached here.

Remember to check out the readme included in the download before you install.

Download: PSP Slim Firmware 3.60 Installer v2
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