PSP-HUD v1.3

PSP Pink - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew coder Darko79 visited the QJ.NET Forums earlier and released a new version of his nifty PSP-HUD application. We’re now at version 1.3 and it’s better than ever. Go to the full article for the changelog and screens.

Download: PSP-HUD version 1.3

PSP-HUD v1.3 - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Darko79 posted an update in the QJ.NET Forums earlier informing us of a new version for his cool PSP-HUD application. It brings us all the nice bells and whistles that previous versions had with a few more improvements in store.

Essentially, this plugin for PSP CFW 3.71M33-4 can display the following information on your screens:

  • CPU speed and CPU usage
  • BUS speed
  • battery status (percent and time left)
  • local time

These features were added in PSP-HUD version 1.3:

  • added language menu option
  • added Serbian and French language (thanks to Mizou93 for French translation)

Thanks to seanpaul223 for the nice tip!

Download: PSP-HUD version 1.3
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

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