PSPKVM v0.0.9 – now supports PSP Slim 3.xx kernel CFW 3.71 M33 and CFW 3.90 M33

PSPKVM v0.0.9 - Image 1Homebrew developer sleepper has just updated the app for the Sony PSP, PSPKVM, now in version 0.0.9. Aside from the many bugfixes applied to this homebrew app, sleepper has also added support for 3.xx kernel for PSP Slims running on CFW 3.71 M33 and CFW 3.90 M33. To check out the full changelog, installation instructions, and notes from the homebrew dev, go to the full article.

Download: PSPKVM v0.0.9

PSPKVM v0.0.9 - Image 1Homebrew developer sleepper has updated the application for the Sony PlayStation portable, PSPKVM, making it version 0.0.9. PSPKVM is a K virtual machine – an extremely compact Java Virtual Machine – that allows users to run applications and games created using Java 2 Platform Micro Edition. These games and applications are usually released on mobile phones and PDAs.

According to homebrew dev sleepper, the supported APIs (Application Programming Interface) are midp2.0, a part of the Nokia UI, and WMA2.0. PSPKVM version 0.0.9 contains many bug fixes, and now supports 3.xx kernel for PSP Slims running on CFW 3.71 M33 and CFW 3.90 M33. Check out the changelog below for the complete list of updated features:

  • Support 3.XX kernel now, tested on my PSP-1000 3.71m33 & 3.90m33 :).
  • Add fake functions for WMA2.0/1.1, many games that need WMA API will can be run now.
  • Add functions to “String Midlet.getAppProperty(String key)”, can run “Cang Shen Lu ()” now.
  • Add functions for command bar.
  • Add a function to load the last selected device when restart, thanks to Shawn Winnie for  suggesting it.
  • Add a new key “L+Cross -> CLEAR”, thanks to Jörg Westphal for suggesting it.
  • Disable some unnecessary exceptions.
  • Fix a OutOfMemory bug.
  • Fix a bug when decode some images with transparent color, thanks to asenchai for reporting this.
  • Fix the bug when display some specific letters, thanks to SOUDAN Gael for reporting it.
  • Fix the bug that “SELECT” key don’t respond sometimes, thanks to Anton Buckov for reporting it.

To install PSPKVM, copy “PSPKVM” to /PSP/GAME folder. sleepper is also asking users who’ve enjoyed this homebrew application for their reactions. The homebrew dev’s email address is found in the readme file, along with other pertinent information about PSPKVM.

Thanks to Bastion for the heads up!

Download: PSPKVM v0.0.9

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