PSP-Maps v0.2 for fw 3.xx

PSP-Maps v0.2 for fw 3.xx - Image 1We’re letting you know that developer Royale has updated the PSP-Maps homebrew application to version 0.2. No exact details were mentioned with this new build, though the controls appear to have received some tweaking. Details are available in the full article.

Download: PSP-Maps v0.2 for fw 3.xx

PSP-Maps v0.2 - Image 1If you were among the PSP owners that tried out developer Royale‘s PSP-Maps homebrew application from last week, you’ll want to listen up. The coder has recently announced the release of version 0.2 of this application.

As a recap for those who weren’t around the last time, PSP-Maps is a port of the Google Maps app on your PC, except that the homebrew retrieves the images directly and doesn’t use the Google Map API.

That said, the author didn’t list any specific changes with this release, although we do note that the controls appear to have been tweaked. You can view the full details on the changes for PSP-Map v0.2 via the readme included in the file bundle. You may also want to drop by Royale’s site if you’re interested in offering your feedback – it’s accessible via the source link below.

Download: PSP-Maps v0.2  for fw 3.xx

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