P-Spot: no limits to homebrew submission, new system installed

Sony PSP logo - Image 1Homebrew developers who want more exposure given to their creations may want to head over to borgqueenx‘s P-Spot, the game and application install portal. In P-Spot’s most recent update (previous update here), borgqueenx finally lifts all restrictions to homebrew submission, and implements a nifty system in P-Spot’s database. Check it all out in the full article.

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Sony PSP - Image 1Borgqueenx‘s P-Spot really is getting better than ever. Aside from having all of its functions fully restored, the limits for homebrew game submissions to P-Spot are now finally lifted. Also, borgqueenx removed all homebrew being hosted in P-Spot and overhauled its system with sakya‘s help.

With P-Spot’s grand spankin’ new system, downloaded applications are automatically extracted into a pre-defined folder, and deletes themselves after extraction. Definitely cool stuff, we say, and we’re all the more happy.

How about the homebrew application selection, you ask? As always, there are lots to choose from, including the following ‘brew:

  • Bermuda Creative Suite 9.
  • PSPTube.
  • PSP-PDA.
  • Counterstrike Portable 0.73

Sounds fun? You bet it is. So head over to the link below for more information if you own a PSP, and if you’re interested. Enjoy!

Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

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