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Homebrew PSPTube 20080109 from SofiyaCat for Sony PSP - Image 1PSPTube from coder SofiyaCat is a homebrew application that gives PSP owners the ability to play .FLV files on the Sony handheld. Such files are usually utilized by streaming media websites like YouTube.

Long time users will be happy to know that developer has just rolled out build 2008109 of the program. To know more details about this specific release, follow the “read more” link below.

Download: PSPTube 2008109

Homebrew PSPTube 20080109 from SofiyaCat for Sony PSP - Image 1Homebrew developer SofiyaCat has released a new version of the application PSPTube, bumping it up to build 2008109.

For the uninitiated, PSPTube is a program that allows users to view .FLV files on the PlayStation Portable. Such files are associated with streaming media websites like YouTube.

Unlike the previous release, however, PSPTube 2008109 does not come with a changelog so we are rather uncertain as to the exact changes.

Despite that, we are pretty confident that the coder has added a lot of improvements that will delight the program’s long-time users.

As a matter of fact, QJ,NET forum member FreePlay has posted a comment over at our own PSP Development Forum saying that one addition noticed was the ability to delete saved videos from the “Favorites” folder.

At any rate, be sure that you know exactly what you are doing in installing PSPTube 2008109 to your Sony handhelds to avoid any problems.

QJ.NET would like to thank Isaac D. for the heads up!

Download: PSPTube 2008109

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