PSPTube 20080113 – new features, bug fixes

PSPTube 20080113 - Image 1 PSP homebrew developer SofiyaCat has released a new version of PSPTube, the app that lets your unit play .FLV files without needing to convert the files. A couple of new features in release 20080113 plus a few bug fixes as well. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: PSPTube 20080113

PSPTube 20080113 - Image 1

A new version of PSPTube from homebrew developer SofiyaCat is now out! In case you don’t know about the application, PSPTube allows you to play .FLV files without the need to convert them.

A couple of new features have been added since release 20080109, and a couple of bug fixes as well. PSPTube 20080113 has the following changes (changelog as translated by DCEmu):

  • General
    • Dailymotion login be correspond.
    • When video download, file name can be changed.
    • Downloaded video file name can be changed.
    • URL directly input be added.
  • Related Play
    • Present time, full time and buffer information displayed.
    • Can hide comments.
  • Bug fixes
    • Niconico Premier members had search problem. now fixed.
    • When niconico video playing, freeze glitch now fixed
  • Known bug
    • 2X play in the WLAN is unstable, so please do not use.
    • Video’s full time is strange sometimes.

Please be reminded that the application is still in its beta stages so be sure to use the app with caution.

Download: PSPTube 20080113

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