PSPUAE v0.70: better Amiga emulation for your PSP

PSPUAE v0.70 released - Image 1You’ve waited patiently for the version 0.70 release of PSPUAE, and we can now say that it’s arrived! The PSPUAE team has just released PSPUAE v0.70 for folks to try out, and it’s got a lot of alterations and fixes that you guys should like.

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Download: PSPUAE v0.70

PSPUAE v0.70 released - Image 1Over on the PSPUAE website, FOL has announced the latest release of their Universal Amiga Emulator, PSPUAE v0.70. This version has some alterations and additions that should make the emulator run smoother, which is always a good thing.

In any case, here are the changes for this release:

  • Added alot of Rics FAMEC code and optimisations. (Gave some speed increase)
  • Altered Hsync handler. (Removes slow down when sprites on screen, with CPU = MAX)
  • Altered CPU CYCLE UNIT to 256 (Gave the most speed increase)
  • Altered CHIPSET settings (To fall inline with CPU CYCLE UNIT change, its now a much more finer setting than in previous versions. Giving better results)
  • Added Rics FAMEC Sound code (Still clicks, we know what the problem is, but i need help to solve it)
  • Added Interpolation 4CH Sound under sound menu (This can improve sound slighty)
  • Altered HEAP SIZE for available memory to PSPUAE (This solves all memory problems)
  • Added Rics FAMEC FrameSkip Algorithm (This gives a finer smoother Auto FrameSkip)

To learn more about installing the application, we suggest you check out the installation notes provided in the readme. You might also want to visit the PSPUAE website sourced below so you can contact the devs in case you have any problems. That being said though, enjoy your Amiga emulator.

Download: PSPUAE v0.70


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