PSW: Final Fantasy XIII to have split-screen events

Final Fantasy XIII logo - Image 1No, unfortunately we’re not talking about two-player mode in Square EnixFinal Fantasy XIII. If the British magazine PlayStation World’s latest issue has its details right, the Sony PlayStation 3 title will have split-screen moments to help develop the story. More on this at the full article.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning - Image 1According to what British PlayStation World magazine was able to pick up, Square Enix will be adding a new nifty feature in the Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII. It’s still unclear and there are no images to prove it, but it is said that the game will have some sort of split-screen moments.

Quoting PSW: “One new feature to help develop the story will be a ‘split-screen’ of sorts, showing different characters in different locations on screen at the same time.” Playable or not, this quirk still sounds a lot similar to Final Fantasy IX‘s Active Time Event. Instead of having to switch from one location to another though, it seems FFXIII will be able to show players two events happening at the same time via split-screen.

Other parts of PSW’s feature on Square Enix’ upcoming title revealed snippets of the latest Final Fantasy’s story. Apparently, the heroine codenamed Lightning will be fighting with the oppressed people of Pulse who are suffering from the Government of Cocoon’s reign and its abuse of powerful crystals. In addition, the blond guy who recently appeared on the CLOUD promo DVD supposedly will remain mysterious until a certain point in the game, and the player initially won’t know if he’s an ally or enemy.


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