PvP ups the mod ante with FPS PSP version 3.0

PvP ups the ante with PSP FPS Version 3.0 - Image 1Tony Hoang (also known as PvP) tipped off QJ.NET that he has gone to work on a revision to the FPS PSP mod. Version 3.0 spins in a similar direction to version 2.0, although this time it swaps the analog control position in placement of the PSP’s original four button interface – one for the PlayStation controls and the other for the D-Pad.

It’s an improvement over the previous version, which had the analog sticks situated below the Sony PSP’s original control layout (see left). Images and more details at the full article.

PvP ups the ante with FPS PSP Version 3.0 - Image 1Tony Hoang, a.k.a. PvP, decided that the FPS PSP version 2.0 modification could do with certain improvements, especially layout and ergonomics without sacrificing functionality. PvP’s FPS PSP version 3.0 is still a work in progress and has not yet achieved full functional status – a level for final proof of concept and complete implementation.

So far, PvP has been able to lay out the final design of the FPS PSP mod and create molds out of actual handle casings of Sony PlayStation 2 dual analog controllers. With these molds, the modder attached them as handles to the PSP’s “wings” to accommodate the entire PlayStation Portable as one huge controller.

The result? “The comfort is AMAZING! It absolutely contours with my right hand! In the picture the trigger is a little lower than it actually is suppose to be [sic],” said PvP. The mod still needs more time to be realized, and PvP admitted that it may take up to the holiday seasons before the final version is completed.

FPS PSP version 3.0 - still a work in progress - Image 1 FPS PSP version 3.0 - still a work in progress - Image 2 FPS PSP version 3.0 - still a work in progress - Image 3

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