Pyro Studios to develop Planet 51 games

Planet 51 - Image 1Pyro Studios is now all fired up, now that they’re tasked to develop games based on Planet 51, a yet-to-be-released animated film about an astronaut who unwittingly lands on an alien planet. Aside from working on secret Wii title, it looks like the game studio of Commandos fame is going to be a bit busy for a while. Details in the full article!

Planet 51 - Image 1

It looks like it’s a busy time for Pyro Studios of Commandos fame. Aside from working on a secret Wii title, Pyro Studios is also currently working on the video game tie-ins to New Line Cinema‘s upcoming animation flick Planet 51, a movie about an astronaut who lands on an alien planet, inciting fear from its citizens who hunt him down.

Pyro Studios will reportedly develop the Planet 51 games for “five leading console platforms”, but did not specify which consoles. There are currently no other information available for the Planet 51 games, with the exception that they will be released in March 2009 along with the movie they are based on.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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