Python-PSP 290608 release – Python programming on your PSP

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1If you’re looking for an easy-to-use development library that you can sink your teeth into then look no more. Homebrew developer Fraca7 recently rolled out the 29/06/08 release of PSP-Python, which features a versatile yet simple port of the Python programming language for the PlayStation Portable. More details in our full article.

Download: Python-PSP 29/06/08 release

Python programming language logo - Image 1Budding programmers who want to try their hand on a language which a bit more readable than most can check out the PlayStation version of the Python programming language entitled “Python-PSP”.

This easy-to-use development library ported to the Sony handheld is an ongoing project started by homebrew developer Fraca7, who recently rolled out the 29/06/08 release of PSP-Python. Here’s a list of all the new changes included in the latest version of the homebrew app:

  • The sceSircs function has been wrapped in the pspos module.
  • A whole new set of classes for image manipulation.
  • The API reference is now generated using epydoc.
  • Some bug fixes, thanks to patches provided by “MagerValp”.

In addition, the developer also mentioned that a PHPbb board has been set up for anyone who wants to discuss the program. You can access the Python-PSP forums by clicking on this link.

For more detailed instructions on how to install Python-PSP into your handheld, you can check out the installation guide found on the source page, accessible through the link below.

Download: Python-PSP 29/06/08 release

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