QJ.Net’s Aces of the Galaxy space shooter experience contest

Thumb - Image 1 Have you played a space shooter before? Are you interested in winning some freebies? Well, we’ve got a contest that lets you aim for just that. All you have to do is comment well for a shot at a free Sierra Online T-shirt. Learn more about our Aces of the Galaxy giveaway after the jump!

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It’s time to put on those flight suits and head to the stars! We’ve recently teamed up with Sierra Online, makers of XBLA game Aces of the Galaxy, in order to bring you a contest where five lucky participants will each win a Sierra Online T-Shirt. All you have to do to participate in the contest is to comment on this post!

We’re not just looking for any plain old comment, however. We want you guys to tell us your most memorable space shooter experience in the span of one QJ comment. It can be that time you achieved Zen from making a Gummi Ship, or that elaborate dance you had through a bullet hell space shooter, or even about your first time playing Aces of the Galaxy. We want you to recount those memorable experiences, and the five best entries will come away as winners.

Before you send in those comments though, please note that this contest is only applicable to folks in North America. Also, the deadline for comment submissions will be on June 20, with an announcement of the winners to follow soon after. We wish you all the best of luck!

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