Quake Wii 20080528 – fragging fun with Wiimote

Quake Wii 20080528 - fragging fun with Wiimote - Image 1Just a few days ago, homebrew developer PeterM announced that he couldn’t continue the development of Quake for the Gamecube and Nintendo Wii and called for some willing souls to adopt the project. Luckily, fellow coder Eluan was around, and the new author managed to create a WIP release of Quake Wii just to show what has been done with the code. More details of the homebrew game at the full story.

Download: Quake Wii 20080528 (WIP)

Quake Wii 20080528 - fragging fun with Wiimote - Image 1 

Though still a work in progress (WIP), Quake Wii’s current release build is indicative of the potential experience that the old shooter can be on the Nintendo Wii. This build, marked 20080528, has been a product of coder Eluan‘s experimentation on Wii remote and nunchuk controls and some testing with execution and game reset mechanics.

Eluan says that there are a number of bugs present in the Quake Wii, however. This is because Quake Wii is the author’s first official swim in Wii programming waters. The Brazilian homebrew developer noted that when idle, the Wiimote will disconnect quickly. This is hard-coded and Eluan hopes to correct that in the future.

Also, upon losing contact with the Wiimote, the game will enter an unrecoverable state. You may attempt to reconnect the Wiimote, but Eluan does not know if the game will return to the state you left it. A hard reset of the game works, however, and you’ll have to note that the game was tested to load from the front SD cards.

The download is available below, but take note: like all Quake homebrews, the game content will have to come from you. The archive bundles documentation with it, so course through it for installation procedures.

Download: Quake Wii 20080528 (WIP)

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