Quake Wii 20080610 released; GX acceleration coming soon

Quake Wii 20080610 released; GX acceleration coming soon - Image 1Eluan‘s work in progress project just keeps rolling out awesomely. The latest build of Quake Wii 20080610’s only major change is the fact that it carries the latest optimized version of the software renderer, but even then it might not be needed in the near future. The Nintendo Wii homebrew developer says that this adopted project from PeterM will soon get a hardware accelerated graphics engine upgrade. Learn more at the full story.

Download: Quake Wii 20080610 patched (WIP)

Quake Wii 20080610 released; GX acceleration coming soon - Image 1 

Quake Wii 20080610 is now ready for download from developer Eluan, but note that there’s two versions of the Nintendo Wii homebrew game. The later build is what you’ll need to gun for, since it doesn’t only introduce the latest software renderer, it also doesn’t have saving disabled.

The improved software graphics rendering support is welcome, as an earlier build, Quake Wii 20080601, allowed players to reconfigure their graphics for crisper effect (to the limits of software rendering of course). Now players will be able to pile on the pixels with better turnout of framerates.

The author notes that though the software mode visuals have been upped, a hardware accelerated build will be pushed out soon. The GX accelerated version of Quake Wii is nearing completion, though Eluan apparently has had to wrestle with Wiimote and GX hiccups to get the support running.

Also expected to come is a way to get the networking implementation sorted out. But we’ll have to wait for the next build to confirm. Until then, enjoy!

Download: Quake Wii 20080610 patched (WIP)

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