Quantic Dream job posting hints at Heavy Rain no sooner than October 2009

Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream - Image 1 We all know that 2009 has been marked as “the” year for Heavy Rain, yes? But while we’re hoping for an early 09 release date, it seems like that won’t be the case. Quantic Dream‘s job posting for a game tester will tell you why. Sorry, Gino D. Check it out after the jump.

Heavy Rain - Image 1 

Looks like we can now narrow down the release date of Heavy Rain to the latter part of 2009 — much later. As in, maybe November, December later.

How did we arrive at this conclusion? Well, if you follow the source link below, you will find yourself looking at a job posting by Quantic Dream. Apparently, they are looking for  Senior Quality Assurance tester for, what else, Heavy Rain.

Here’s the thing. According to the post, the contract for this job ends on October of 2009. Therefore (it’s pretty simple math), we cannot expect this suspense-thriller title any sooner before October.

Awww… am sure Gino D. will be sorely disappointed (as we all are, too). I was kinda hoping the “2009” release date revealed in Leipzig meant the earlier half. Oh well, we’ll just keep you posted on more updates as they come on this one.

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