QuickJump QuickList: Top ten non-girly games girls play

QuickJump QuickList - Image 1It's an endless debate when talking about girls playing the same video games guys play. They say girls only like MMORPGs, then follow up with "there are no girls on internet." Others believe female gamers stick to casual games, but Mario and Pokemon titles have more fanboys than fangirls.

No matter what your stand is, here's a list of non-girly games that aren't Barbie, Bratz, or any of those glamorous stuff.

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So you thought girl gamers only indulged themselves in Cooking Mama and Nintendogs? Without being a frag doll for Ubisoft or other companies that use sex appeal to sell, contrary to popular male belief, the ladies actually play games most guys drool about. In fact, many of them female gamers can be competitive and leave us (I proudly admit defeat) in the dust.

And don't deny it - most of us male gamers have the hots for members of the opposite gender who can beat Devil May Cry 3 in Dante Must Die mode or do other feats that even the self-proclaimed "hardcore" can only achieve through intense practice. Miniskirts and cute hair clips are nice, but the types who can beat Kingdom Hearts' version of Sephiroth in five minutes are super. Right?

Ahem. Enough of that. Here's our list of top non-girly games girls enjoy. Some casual titles made the cut, but we handpicked the ones that are more likely to be seen in the hands of male core gamers.

Non-girly games girls love - Image 1 Non-girly games girls love - Image 1 Non-girly games girls love - Image 1 

Halo 3
They may get hit on a lot on Xbox Live, but there are still girls who sink time into Halo 3 online to rise up in rank or simply sweep the floor with dead bodies for bragging rights. "E-bullies" and heartthrob wannabes with cheesy pick-up lines are not enough to scare them away.

Even if non-gamers aren't impressed by your superior skills as Master Chief, a slight showing of being the better player might earn you a Spartan vixen. Keep that finger on the trigger, soldier! Someday, your dream of having a 5-star general girlfriend will come true!

World of Warcraft
Aside from raids and epic mounts, the great thing about World of Warcraft is how you can find practically all kinds of people in its realms. What sets Blizzard's masterpiece apart from other MMORPGs is its strong appeal to female gamers, casual and hardcore alike. A perfect mix of depth and pick-up-and play has turned WoW into a hospitable place for both newbies and experienced players. In layman terms, you never know when that annoying gnome is actually the sweet girl at school who dumped you twice because of "studies."

Harvest Moon
Ladies playing a game in which your goal is to make money from farming to score a wife? Not exactly surprising. Yours truly has experienced too many painful moments when someone is hogging the PlayStation 2 because of that darn Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. As much as guys love to plant crops hardcore, the gals seem to enjoy building an empire of farm animals and watch them grow in numbers.

Non-girly games girls love - Image 1 Non-girly games girls love - Image 1 Non-girly games girls love - Image 1  

The Sims
We all know Will Wright successfully lured millions of PC users into life simulation games. It doesn't matter if you're a lad or lass, young or young at heart - there's no denying The Sims, its sequel, and countless expansions are pure guilty pleasure. It just so happens that many female gamers who got into gaming a few years back would know about The Sims, and most have stories of how they thoroughly enjoyed it. Or how they tortured the virtual avatars by leaving them stuck in a swimming pool with no ladders to climb.

Resident Evil 4
No, not all girls find mass massacre of Las Plagas infected farmers as offensive. Without a doubt, if Leon Kennedy was a real guy, he'd get plenty of invitations for overtime. What more can you ask for from a game with a handsome dude who works directly for the president, fights ugly giants, and calls people "small time"? Not to mention he's not romantically involved to anyone, leaving space for fangirls to write fanfics about themselves being married to the former Racoon City police officer.

Metal Gear Solid 2
Hideo Kojima's bisexual vampires and incestual closet geeks are apparently not enough to turn girls off. A good number of female gamers are intrigued by Metal Gear Solid 2's often convoluted plot, and some genuinely enjoy the stealth action. We can't avoid the types who are playing to see Raiden do cartwheels while naked, but nasty boys also grabbed a copy of MGS2 to see sizzling poster models too, so it evens out.

Non-girly games girls love - Image 1  Non-girly games girls love - Image 1 Non-girly games girls love - Image 1  

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
No objections here. Phoenix Wright games are loved by girls beyond reasonable doubt, and they're found guilty of raving over how funny Phoenix can be or how Edgeworth can be too intimate with his rival lawyer. It also helps that the cases in Phoenix Wright are not exactly lighthearted, yet still easy for anyone to embrace. If you haven't decided on a birthday gift and your girlfriend is getting bored of generic Japanese RPGs you previously gave her, bagging this pseudo-visual novel puzzler should be a no-brainer.

Final Fantasy X
Almost every Final Fantasy title receives affection from female gamers thanks to the persistent themes of romance, melodrama, and angsty teens. Remember when you giggled after Cloud cross-dressed or when Squall carried Rinoa on his back? Girls did, too. However, we'll leave this spot to Final Fantasy X thanks to sheer number of online FFX fan communities we've seen that put other FF games to shame. Tidus has the looks that make ladies sigh, while some prefer that big pile of manly known only as Auron.

Kingdom Hearts 2
Everyone loves whacking the Heartless and Nobodies with giant keys. Kingdom Hearts 2 is definitely one of the best bets if you're a dude who can't think of the perfect present for your girl. The charm of Disney characters combined with a fun adventure of good against evil will surely win her over.

Of course, some girls enjoy Kingdom Hearts not only because of Goofy and Donald Duck, but also the RPG elements and action-packed combat. Yep, just like guys. The sequel should work wonders due to its revamped gameplay and more spectacular visuals. It's also a plus that Sora and Riku don't appear to be 10-year olds anymore, and there are strong overtones for fans of boy love to feast on.

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Devil May Cry 3
Not everyone can pull off crazy combos or endure prolonged boss fights, but girls can do what guys can. Ask any girl gamer who frowns at casual titles and "girl-oriented" games, and she'll probably be experienced with at least one DMC title and can hit SS-rank combos before you can say "holy devil!" We picked the third instalment in the series because there's double the pretty boys. When you've got a badass, demon-slaying protagonist who's got an equally good looking twin brother, expect hordes of fangirls trailing close behind.

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