R4 DS v1.15 kernel released

R4 v1.15 kernel released - Image 1The folks over at the R4 website must be having a bad day. They recently released  the latest kernel for R4 and they seem to be deluged with people because the site seems to be down. Nevertheless, we managed to find the file and the changelog for the release, and it’s all here for you! R4 v1.15 fixes the 1905 problem. Installation instructions in the full article.

Download: R4 v1.15 kernel (English)

R4 v1.15 kernel released - Image 1Thanks to a tip from MahSixFo, we’ve just found out that the folks from the R4 website have updated the kernel for their popular flashcart. Their site seems to be down at the moment, but we managed to pick up the file for you to download.

According to the R4DS v1.15 changelog for the kernel, they fixed the 1905 problem, but aside from this, no substantial changes were made to the system.

In any case, feel free to access the kernel (with accompanying Moonshell installer) through our mirror below. To install it, unzip and copy _DS_MENU.DAT and_DS_MSHL.NDS into your Micro SD card and let those two files overwrite your existing ones. Enjoy!

Download: R4 v1.15 kernel (English)

Via R4DS

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