Racers, start your engines, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity character trailer

Wii, PS2 - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Sega - Image 1Sonic and the gang are racing to the Wii and PS2 in just a few days. To get your hearts pumping on overdrive, Sega‘s released a new trailer for Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and it’s got characters, characters, and more characters lined up one after another.

Sega and Sonic Team’s new racer heads to retail store finish lines come January 8, but for now, read more to check out the trailer.

To anticipate the coming of Sonic and the gang in their new racing title for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 2, Sega and the Sonic Team’s just released a new trailer for Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity via press hot wire.

In this trailer, we see the cast of playable characters in the game. In order of appearance in the trailer, we get to see Sonic, Jet, Tails, Knuckles, Wave, Storm, Silver, and Blaze bust-a-groove on their hoverboards as they barrel through the various course tracks in the racer title.

Of course, these aren’t the only characters you can play in the game. There’s actually a total of 18 of them to choose from. Check out the trailer below. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity gets released simultaneously for the Wii and PS2 on January 8 for North America.

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