Ray Muzyka on why Mass Effect needs to be a Trilogy

Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 from BioWare - Image 1Good things come in threes. In the case of BioWare, great science fictions come in threes. That’s why they’ve decided to put out Mass Effect as a trilogy.

While they have yet to divulge future plans for the next installments of the game, why don’t you find out what’s so pivotal about the number three for the success of Mass Effect? Follow the full article after the jump.

Mass Effect from BioWare - Image 1 Multiplayerblog of MTV apparently had an interview with Ray Muzyka of BioWare stashed in their treasure chest from the GDC of February this year. As to the reasons why it’s only now that they posted it, we cannot say. But what’s certain is that the topic sure is curious enough to get our interests piqued.

Basically, it revolved around the question of why Mass Effect needs to be a trilogy. Thankfully, BioWare co-founder Muzyka was forthcoming with his answers, and we sure liked what he talked about.

For one, he explained that it was actually the development team who pursued the idea of making Mass Effect a trilogy. And since they wanted “something that really feels epic,” then the obvious choice is to go for a three-parter.

Apart from that, great science fictions usually come in three parts, anyway. “It seems like it’s sort of the way of it. Maybe there’s a convenient number. But it allows you to have different pacing in parts of the story,” furthers Muzyka.

Well a trilogy does sound great an approach for this kind of story. Until BioWare reveals what they’ve got in store for us in the upcoming installments, we’ll just have to keep guessing and hoping that it’d be as much of a success as the original Mass Effect, if not more.

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