Read Japanese v0.089 Beta

Read Japanese v0.089 - Image 1Want to learn how to read Japanese? You’re in luck, as Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Eelim recently stopped by the QJ.NET forums to give us a heads-up on the latest version of his homebrew app, Read Japanese. Sporting not only a better, smoother look but the first lesson of Kanji, this one is definitely something to look into.

Download: Read Japanese v0.089 Beta

Read Japanese v0.089 beta - Image 1

For those of us interested in getting to know a little bit more about the Japanese language, then Eelim‘s  little piece of homebrew application Read Japanese for the Sony PlayStation Portable is for you. And with its latest version, version 0.089, you’ll have an easier time learning the language of the land of the rising sun, with the first installment of Kanji learning already included in this update.

What else is new with this beta release of Read Japanese? Besides the fact that it now offers you the chance to learn the Kanji that Japanese tots learn at the first grade, the program itself has been completely rewritten and overhauled, with the visuals also revamped. So it’s pretty much an entirely new beast that should be worth a look at.

Here’s the changelog for the complete list of updates of Read Japanese version 0.089 Beta:

  • Rewrite of the whole Program
  • change background for session in options menu
  • options menu added
  • on startup, a random background is loaded
  • first installment of Kanji learning
  • English translation for Kanji added
  • added code to prevent doubles while training kana
  • switch from heartbeat mode to statemode
  • Complete Set of new Graphics and Pictures
  • tons of minor bugfixes

Download: Read Japanese v.0.089 Beta
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