Recovery Translator v4

Sony PSP - Image 1Need an application to translate the Sony PSP CFW recovery screen? Homebrew coders Xcorpia and Marce82 are granting your wish with their new application released earlier in the QJ.NET Forums. Find out what the homebrew app does and what you need to use it in the full article.

Download: Recovery Translator v4
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

Recovery translator - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew coders Xcorpia and Marce82 recently released their new application in the QJ.NET Development Forums. It’s called Recovery Translator version 4 and it can perform some neat utilities for your handheld.

According to the authors, Recovery Translator version 4 is a homebrew application that will allow us to change the language of the PSP recovery menu on custom firmware 3.71 M33. It works for both the old and the Slim PSPs, so don’t worry about compatibility. Just keep in mind that the app manipulates files in the flash, so you’ll have to use it at your own risk.

Xcorpia and Marce82 tell us that before you start, be certain that:

  • Your PSP Fat or Slim, have the 3.71m33 firmware installed.
  • Your memory stick must have 3mb of free space.
  • Your flash0 must have 100kb of free space
  • The battery must be charged more than 30%.

Installation: When you are sure you have the requirements, you can proceed to install the software, so you only need to extract the .rar file and copy the folder inside MSROOT to the memory stick.

Download: Recovery Translator v4
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

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