Reeves: more third-party aps for PS3, PSP

PS3, PSP - Image 1In his speech over at the DevStation event in London, SCEE president David Reeves said that third-party, non-game applications on the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable are most welcome and we’ll be seeing more of them. He noted that focus will still be on games, but that doesn’t mean app makers won’t get their fair share of support. Details after the jump.

PlayStation logo - Image 1The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable are going to see more non-game software from third-party developers in the coming years. That was the message relayed by SCEE president David Reeves during his speech over at the DevStation event in London.

“YouÂ’re going to see more of those partnerships,” he said while speaking in front of media and software developers for Sony platforms. “And those partnerships are an opportunity to the industry.”

Reeves, however, maintained that the primary focus of Sony is still to attract as many developers to their platforms as possible. he then reiterated how vital third-party titles are to every hardware manufacturer in the market.

Sounds like a nice plan. We’ll see if Sony can deliver on these promises. More updates to come, so stick around.


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