Requiem: Bloodymare’s nightmarish trailer

Requiem: Bloodymare nightmare trailer - Image 1It’s a given that every MMORPG out there will have its share of creepy, bloody-thirsty beasts that’d make even the bravest warriors’ toes curl. In Requiem: Bloodymare, however, the twist is that you can be that said beast, as seen in the game’s latest nightmare trailer. You can view it over in the full article.

With Requiem: Bloodymare‘s closed beta run now over, it appears that the Gravity Interactive‘s picked up a couple of new ideas that’ll be arriving for the game’s final build.
For one, there’s the matter of the really nasty-looking entities you can transform into, as shown in the new “nightmare” trailer that was just released.

Nightmare indeed – it’s not everyday that we see an MMORPG that lets you transform into a beast that’s bigger (and uglier) than the enemies you’re fighting. Also keep a lookout for the extra-bloody battles between some of the game’s resident monsters – giant swords are a necessity here, not a luxury.

Keep on a lookout in case we spot any more trailers touting the latest goodies that Gravity will be dropping into their upcoming MMORPG. Until then, enjoy the video, available for viewing below.

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